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We amplify the capability of vertical farmers.

It starts with providing an integrated offering of superior seeds and digital services, coupled with shared learning and agronomic insight.

The growing collective, supercharged.

The growing collective, supercharged.

Everything we do is in service of making plants better, more resilient, easier to grow, more accessible, more nutritious, and more flavorful. And it’s all responsively attuned to the particular needs of the vertical farming industry.

We’re working within an interconnected community to reimagine the nature of how we sow, grow, and know plants. Our goal is to create a world in which the most fresh, most nutritious, most delicious produce is available to every person on our planet.

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Dan Albert

Vice President of Plant Performance

Dan is a seasoned entrepreneur and has been working to bring high-capacity-indoor farming to market since 2008. In 2010, Dan began laying the groundwork of what would become Farmbox Greens, a Seattle based vertical-farm which specialized in growing specialty produce for retail and food service customers.

Sonia Unfold Headshot

Sonia Lo

President and CEO

Sonia is an experienced agtech industry executive who brings a wealth of experience scaling indoor agriculture operations. She has served as CEO of Sensei AG, Crop One Holding, Inc. and held various leadership roles at Google and eZoka, which she co-founded. Lo currently also serves on the Board of Directors of Griffith Foods International, Urban-Gro, and Hart Dairy. Lo earned her bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in mathematics from Stanford University and an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. She also holds professional chef and pastry degrees from London and City College.

Nothmann Head Shot 2 MB lime

David Nothmann

Chief Operating Officer

David is a visionary leader and team builder with more than two decades of executive-level B2B and B2C experience in agriculture and food production, with a passion for sustainability and bringing products to market. Prior to his role at Unfold, David served in C-Suite and leadership roles at Terramera, Valent LLC (a Sumitomo Chemical subsidiary), Battelle and ArborGen. David started his career at Monsanto and currently serves as Chairman of Board for startup 3Bar Biologics as well as on the Advisory Board of AgroSpheres.

John purcell 2x

John Purcell


John Purcell, Ph.D. has dedicated his life to helping farmers safely and sustainably grow food using less of the earth's natural resources. In his role as Founder, John continues to improve the food ecosystem with more sustainable, fresher, and better-tasting fruits and vegetables, helping farm operators and retailers deliver on the immense promise of vertical farming.


Minos athanassiadas 2x

Minos Athanassiadis


Minos Athanassiadis is a Vice President at iFoodDS. He is part of the market leading team which provides SaaS food safety and traceability tools to grower-shippers globally, as well as quality assurance and management tools to top grocery retailers in the US and Australia.

Daphne carmeli 2x

Daphne Carmeli


Daphne Carmeli has over 35 years of experience leading and advising teams in high growth, category defining, entrepreneurial environments – resulting in 9 successful exits. She was the founder and CEO of Deliv, a leading crowdsourced logistics company that was recently acquired by Target where she currently as VP Emerging Business.